Sunday, May 21, 2006

Going Local, Spreading? The Farmer's Kitchen

Saw this sign in the window at the space in the back corner of the Sunset + Vine complex (Morningside Court and Selma Ave), where the Sunday Hollywood Farmers' Market begins. All I can turn up is a blurb on the Sustainable Economic Enterprise's of LA's website saying:
A community space that will extend the once-a-week presence of the Farmers' Market, the Kitchen will provide a number of services and programs to the local community, with a particular focus on assistance and nutrition education for the low-income population.
Anyone know any more? When it might open, what the program plan is, etc?


Jessica said...

I'm super curious too (but I think you mean Sunday market!). Esp. since it's such an odd retail mix in that building. Some places rightfully took off (Hungry Cat) while the ill-fated interior shops predictably are history. This could be a very interesting concept in community development enterprise sort of in the model of Mama's Hot Tamales, but for now it's quite vague despite lofty social goals. And in this era of the "new" Hollywood, NIMBYism looms large.

Erin S. said...

oops! you're right Jessica....have edited. Though I wish it was Saturdays--then I'd have two weekend nights to cook up the treats from the market (i'm too lazy to drive to Santa Monica very often, and the Silver Lake market just doesn't compare).