Friday, March 31, 2006

A Final Homecooked Meal: Scallop Chowder

Last Friday, as I was scrambling to pull myself together for a work week in Washington, my brain was frankly more interested in deciding what to cook that night, my last meal before a slew of breakfast-lunch-dinners out in DC. After the position papers were collated, last-minute meetings set, pantyhose packed, and sensible yet stylish shoes purchased in anticipation of skittering from one Congressional office to the next, I finally stopped off at the Fish King in Glendale, and immediately wondered why I'd never been before. This fishmonger has a wide-ranging selection of the freshest looking seafood I've seen in the area--better than Whole Foods, even. Slabs of salmon, whole rainbow trout, a stack of kumomoto oysters. Live lobsters and enormous crabs; plus, freezers filled with homemade fish stock, lobster bisque, and other seafood creations. There's an anemic but useful produce section (onions, garlic, couple tomatos), and fresh bread.

I had planned on mussels, but instead settled on some small bay scallops, with the idea of chowder slowly forming in my brain. I picked up what else I thought I might need--some of the aforementioned fish stock, an onion, a bit of half and half, and a baguette.

At home, Epicurious once again to the rescue--I modified this recipe for a superb soup. I had no bacon, but did have a bunch of shiitake mushrooms (which I sauteed seperately and mixed in at the end). Used the fish stock instead of clam juice; half and half instead of cream. Also omitted the thyme but mixed in a handful of roughly chopped tarragon at the end for a bit of green color and licorice flavor. My only regret is that I had to get on a plane the next morning and J. got all the leftovers.

Fish King
720 North Glendale Avenue
Glendale, California 91206

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Yum! This sounds most excellent. Thanks for sharing the idea.