Thursday, March 16, 2006


This was posted in the LA Times Food Section on Wednesday--

If you've been itching to check out Secret Restaurant the invitation-only, cash-in-an-envelope dinner prepared by L.A. chefs-du-moment at Marvimon House near Chinatown, now's your chance. On Saturday, New York composer-pianist Andrew Shapiro will perform new works there on a Steinway concert grand. The chefs, who host Miguel Nelson says will be an ensemble from Lucques and Grace and AOC, are still working on the menu. They're actually trying to pair the food and the drink to the music that's being played at the time you're tasting, he says. Shows are at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. $65 per person, including cocktails. For tickets, e-mail

Sounds cool right? Too cool, as it turns out-

Subj-2 tix for Sat, 11 pm

Hi there,
I'd like to reserve two spaces for Saturday's event at 11 pm.
Thank you, Erin

Re-2 tix for Sat, 11 pm

thanks for your interest. this event is totally private, so i need to know how you were invited in order to proceed.

To-Sherry Walsh/marvimonrsvp

Hi Sherry,
There was a blurb in the LA times about the event with this email as a RSVP, so I assumed anyone could buy tix.
Thanks, Erin

From-Sherry Walsh/marvimonrsvp

i know. sorry for the confusion. the times was not given permission to print the details of our private event. we have been forced to cancel it.


Poor Sherry. Think of how many emails to mere plebians she's had to send this week.


Anonymous said...

that's disappointing...

Steve Wasser said...

I would have driven by to see if it was actually cancelled.

Rorie said...

Too cool to be true.

Reuben said...

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