Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Help Me Identify Rocco's Sidekick

Rocco Shills for BertolliWho's the guy behind Rocco? He's "food star" "soap star" famous, right?

So as a bona-fide snob (see previous post), the J & E household has no television, and therefore I'm not very up to date on my Food Network stars. However, I did recognize Rocco Dispirito as I hopped the escalator behind him and his entourage (seriously, like 5 people) at the Time Warner Center. He was there for a photo op--Bertolli Pasta was giving away free pasta samples, and as their official shill, Rocco was there to "cook" some samples. Some other person in an actual chef's jacket had the pan sizzling when Rocco arrived--he shook it a few times and tasted the contents, all with an eye to the cameras.

Anyway, more amusing to me was the lament of his sidekick (the tall guy in the photo) as they rode the escalator. One of the photographers had tried to convince them to take a picture next to the looming Botero statues in the mall's lobby. The guys refused--as the yet unidentified dude said as we went up, "It wouldn't be good for me to be photographed next to a huge penis." Nor would it be good for the rest of us, I'm sure.


blondee47 said...

it is cameron mathison from the soap All My Children

margottt said...

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Erin S. said...

thx blondee!! margottt, I no longer live in LA.

Rachael said...

I love when a mystery is solved!