Sunday, March 23, 2008

Go to Gottino (Unless I'm Going)

Gottino's Market Goodies, West Village

The prep area at Gottino--Love those blood oranges and heirloom apples

A slip of an Italian wine bar in the West Village, Gottino serves up some delish seasonal snacks to nibble on while you sip your Barbera d'Alba. When J and I stopped by around 9 last Thursday, we wedged ourselves against the slim marble counter opposite the bar. By the time we'd finished our first bruschetta (my favorite featured preserved tomatoes--how I long for summer!), a couple seats at the bar opened up and we squeezed in.

The bartender gave us a warm welcome--after J had ordered another glass of wine and mentioned his love of Italian whites, the bartender poured him a taste of an additional wine he thought J would like. We rounded out our late dinner with a smoked trout panzanella, blood orange salad and some apples roasted and stuffed with sausage. So, yeah, though I long for summer--winter dishes aren't so bad. The apple-sausage combo was especially satisfying--I'm a sucker for sweet and savory, especially on a cold, windy night. Though the menu features your typical wine bar staples--cheese, cured meats, olives--that's just the beginning of chef Jody Williams (she runs the kitchen at Morandi just around the corner) creation. I would tell you more, but when I asked for a copy of the (paper, flimsy) menu I hit the only sour note of the night--"we don't give that away." What I remember is lots of pork, some interesting veggie dishes, and various sardine concoctions.

The place stayed packed all night, and I think we lucked out with a spot. There are few tables in the front and back, but you'll get hungry waiting for the bartenders/waiters to part the crowds and come take your order. With patience and good timing you're better off at the bar itself--and save me a seat!

52 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011


Shayne said...

oooooo and I am going ot be in New york for the first time in a few weeks, maybe I will have to try this out.

Pannifer's said...

Apples stuffed with sausage.... must start experimenting!

Erin S. said...

Shayne--It'd be a great place to get a taste of the West Village--even if you just stop by early for a glass of wine. There are lots of other great eats within a very short walk. Let me know if you want more tips.

Pannifer--Yes, I think it would be easy to make at home and lovely for a dinner party.

Anonymous said...

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