Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello Los Angeles, Remember Me?

Nothing better than an LA sunset

Considering that the Los Angeles Times was kind enough to include Erin's Kitchen in its round-up of LA foodblogs this week, I think I need to stop my travelling and give my city some love and attention.

To do that, I need your help. I'm in a dining-out rut, frequenting the same old spots. Of course, I've got a zillion places I'd love to try, but when it's Friday night, 9 pm, and I'm are starving, do any of them come to mind? No way. So--I'm gonna keep the "to try" list on the fridge, and no more return trips to the Hungry Cat until every last new-to-me place is crossed off. So far, Guelaguetza (Oaxacan moles) and Soot Bull Jeep (Korean BBQ) top the list. My requirements for the list are simple--must be new to me, must be low-to-mid-range in price, no further west than La Cienega, and it must remind me why living and eating in LA can be so fantastic.

Dearest Los Angeles readers, what should come next on my list? Post your ideas and links in the comments, and I'll post my final list in a few days, and update y'all on my adventures.


jeanne bee said...

Oaxacan moles...I am sooo jealous. SF lacks quality Oaxacan food. Congrats on the LAT mention!

Kate said...

Not that I can help you with the restaurant recs, but I just have to mention that your header photo is gorgeous! I love all those peppers!

Anonymous said...

One other criterion: it must be something that J would like, too!!

Anonymous said...

I have no LA recommendations, but I do have a hearty "Woot!" for you. Congrats!

- Chubbypanda

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to renew my enthusiasm for Angeli. I so love that place. Thursday night family style dinner, $28. But it's reasonably priced even on regular nights.

And my favorite waiter in the whole city is there to serve you.

Kristen said...

I totally agree with Kate... those colors are amazing!

This is a great challenge to give yourself. Can't wait to read about your new eating out adventures!

marielle said...

Congrats on the LA Times mention!

China Islamic in Rosemead and El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park are two must-try places, if you haven't been yet.

Kalyn said...

Erin, my brother told me you were in the L.A. times. Very cool. Congrats!

Three good places I've been with Rand and Bradley are Anapurna (Indian, Gabys Mediteranean, and Saladang Song (in Pasadena). I'm not really that up on my California geography so I'm not sure how close the other two are to you either, but they were really good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you too.
I barely found out i was mentioned also a couple of minutes ago!!!
I still can't believe it!

Erin S. said...

hey all--thanks for the kudos, and thanks for the recs. Marielle--those spots have been on my list since you did your fav weekend post for me--esp. the huarache place. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

If you want Vietnamese Food, you should try Indochine in Atwater or Golden Deli in San Gabriel. GD has the best Egg Rolls and Chicken Curry ever!!

Rachael said...

Noshi Sushi in Koreatown.
4430 Beverly Boulevard

And if you havent been to Pace in Laurel Canyon its pretty tasty.

Absolutly Pho-bulous on La Ceinega just north of the Bev Center and Teres Tacos on Melrose at Vine (Rossmore)are good too.

I could go on and on and on.

Im super glad the LA Times wrote about food bloggers.I loved the list. (Would have loved it more if I had been included, but you know, whatever. Pout.) So many sites I never heard of! Congrats on your inclusion!

Rachael said...

And I love Solar de Cahuenga! Felt I had to add that.