Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Things to Eat: Dosas, Dumplings and Triple Chocolate "Muffins"

Dosa at Jackson Diner

You know how fancy hotel brunches have a Belgian Waffle guy that makes them to order? Well, the Jackson Diner in Queens makes dosas to order during the $10 buffet lunch.

Five Fried Dumplings for A Dollar

Broke, but have a monthly subway pass? Take the train to 99 Allen Street on the Lower East Side and get five porky fried dumplings for $1. Look for the neon sign that says...wait for it...Fried Dumpling.

Three-Chocolate "Muffin" at Bouley Bakery

David Bouley would like you to believe that this is a Three Chocolate "Muffin." So you're free to eat one for breakfast the next time you're in Tribeca at 8 am. Take an extra minute to sit outside and appreciate the ridiculously delightful spring flowers outside the Bouley Bakery.

I want these in my apartment


Shayne said...

looks good! I enjoyed Le Pain while I was visiting NYC and we also ate at Maremma, I enjoyed both.

bmpharmacy said...

These are excellent things to eat, actually I love chocolate because I'M A SWEET tooth I'd eat everyday chocolate it's like a drug for me. said...

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