Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer in Motor City

For $1, vending machines at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan provided the best culinary experience of my recent trip to Motor City--a sugary, chin-dripping, delectable ice cream respite from the sticky weather.

fried perch po'boy with yam fries

With limited time, transportation, and knowledge of the city, I'm sure I missed out on some treasures, but what I was able to sample didn't impress. The menu at the refurbished Majestic Cafe promised interesting grub, but the food didn't quite deliver. My yummy yam fries couldn't make up for the paltry portion of perch in my po'boy sandwich, especially considering the ginormous bun. The Majestic is central on a revitalized strip near downtown Detroit, abutting a hipster bowling alley, the city's main concert hall, and a handful of similar restaurants. It's the type of place that has an ambitious menu, and everything has an adjective/twist--the po'boy doesn't come with tartar sauce, it comes with chipotle tartar sauce. The steak doesn't come with fried onions, it comes with fried cumin-scented onions. Oh and that vinaigrette? It's a basil vinaigrette. Unfortunately, the Majestic makes flavor promises it can't keep.

The Majestic Cafe
4120-4140 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI
313.833.9700 ext.207

On a non-food and pro-Detroit note, my work conference happened to coincide with the annual Concert of Colors--an amazing cultural event. For three nights, the main concert hall hosts musical acts from all over the world--all for free. On Sunday night we managed great seats for the incredibly energetic and inspiring Michael Franti/Spearhead concert--a real treat.

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